Macbeth vocabulary
  • to sentence ~ pass judment, condemn to punishment, penalize, convict, prove someone guilty of a crime, impose a punishment, judge a person to-, adjudge
  • death sentence ~ punishment of death
  • traitor ~ betrayer, one who betrays another or his country, one who commits treason
  • surgeon ~ doctor, Doctor of Medicine, person who is licensed to practice medicine, one who received a doctor´s degree from a university, medic, medical practitioner, one who performs medical operations
  • surgery ~ art of treasing diseases and injuries by manuel operation; operations performed by a surgeon
  • to deceive sb. ~ to cheat, to mislead
  • to receive ~ get, obtain, preserve, keep save, conserve, protect, maintain, keep in an existing state, keep in good condition, support, keep
  • recently ~ lately, the other day, newly, in recent times, neulich
  • to immerse ~ clip, dunk, immerse in a liquid, founder, fill with water and sink, sink, cause to sink, submerge, submerse, sop, dive, go underwater, hide, conceal oneself, lower, countersink, make (the head of a boilt, nail, etc.) flush or level with surface
  • thought ~ idea, concept, product of a mind, act of performing ideas, act of conceiving in the mind, intention; calculation, planning, deliberation, careful consideration, reflection
  • to be immersed in one´s thoughts ~ in Gedanken sein
  • point of view ~ outlook, viewpoint, attitude, perspective, standpoint, conception, view, thought, personal preference
  • ambitious ~ aspiring, requiring, great effort, desirous of success
  • ambition ~ aspiration, hope
  • supernatural ~ not according to the laws of nature, not natural, preternnatural, exeeding the usual powers of nature, unnatural, exceptional


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