1. Make a summary of the first three scenes by concentration on Macbeth.

  2. What does the audience learn about Macbeth in the three beginning scenes?

  3. Who is macbeth, what is his position, which skilles does he possess?

  • Compare Macbeth´s and Banquo´s reaction with respect to the witches´s prophecies.
    It makes wonder, that a very brave commanding officer who fights with his live for the king, gets jealousness of being king and consides to kill him.

1.  When does Macbeth become a tyrant?
He becomes a tyrant after Banqou's ghost appears to him at the banquet.

2.  What do you think about the Macbeth adaptation cinematographic of Roman Polanski?
Polanski's movie is very realistic (roling heads) and cruel (murder of Macduff's family).

03.12.01 Sätze machen mit den folgenden 5 Ausdrücken:

there is no-es hat keinen Zweck
It is no use-"
It is useless-"
It is no good-"
It is worth while-es lohnt sich


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