"Pygmalion" ACT 5
The play "Pygmalion" was written by George Bernard Shaw and was firstly performed in the year 1914.

This play is a about the young flower – girl Eliza Doolittle, who can hardly speak English. Professor Henry Higgins, a well – known phonetician wants to pass Eliza off as a duchess at the ambassador's garden party.

Act 5 takes place in the flat of Mrs. Higgins. Her son and Colonel Pickering visit her. Both have reported Eliza as missing. Higgins' mother is disappointed and cannot understand, why they do not leave Eliza alone.

Suddenly Alfred Doolittle steps in. He wears expensive clothes and has cleaned himself up. The professor is astonished and can hardly trust his eyes.

Doolittle says, that the American philanthropist Wannafeller has died and bequested him. Alfred Doolittle receives 3.000 pounds, if he would visit the “Wannafeller Reform World League” six times a year.

When her father tells Eliza, that he is going to marry his girl – friend, she is very disappointed. But she agrees to go to the wedding. After that Higgins and Eliza speak to each other. He tells her, that he would treat a well – educated, fine lady of his social class exactly the same, as he treats a poor flower – girl.

Eliza is scared and would like to have a decent, honest and affectionate relationship. She wants to marry Freddy, although he is a fool in Higgins' eyes. Moreover she says, that she wants to teach phonetics.

For this reason Higgins respects her. Nevertheless he laughs at the thought, that Eliza would like to marry Freddy, because he cannot offer her a decent basis of life.

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