Measure for Measure (summary)

Vincentio, the duke
Angelo, the deputy
Escalus, an ancient lord
Claudio, a young gentleman
Lucio, a fantastic
Friar Thomas or Friar Peter
Elbow, a simple constable
Froth, a foolish gentleman
Pompey, servant to Mistress Overdone
Abhornson, an executioner
Bernardine, a dissolute prisoner
Isabella, sister to Claudio
Mariana, betrothed to Angelo
Juliet, beloved of Claudio
Francisca, a nun
Mistress Overdone, a bawd

Scene: Vienna
Theme: The justice-drama deals with the abuse of strength and the conviction because of to make someone pregnant.

Vincentio, the duke of Vienna, hands over his duty to the young deputy Angelo while he is away. But he does not go to a trip, instead he comes back as a priest to see what Angelo is doing. Claudio becomes a prisoner, because he has made his fiancèe Juliet pregnant and that means he gets the capital punishment. To save Claudio`s life Isabella, who will become a nun, goes to Angelo and argues with him . Angelo wants to release Claudio if Isabella becomes Angelo`s wife. The duke as the priest comes to Isabella and Claudio in the prison and they make a plan, that Isabella will sent Mariana to Angelo in the night, that he can not recognize whom he meets. The plan comes true, but Angelo does not invalidate the punishment, so the duke searches for help at the provost. Because Angelo wants to see the head of Claudio, the provost sends the head of a deceased prisoner, who looks like Claudio.

During this, Lucio talks with the priest, about the duke and says that he is unable to govern and does not know anything. After that the duke appears in Vienna as himself and discovers the whole truth about the people and the abuse of the strength looses.

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